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NZ Apple

Over the past few years NZ Apple Products have looked to expand their product range so as to develop a greater market share in the apple sector both nationally and globally.
With pristine orchards in the Moutere Valley, Nelson, and decades of trading top quality apples products it was evident they were the ‘pick of the bunch’ when it came to apples in this country.
This strong narrative provided the inspiration from which a thread of design elements were created to provide maximum impact on shelf.
In keeping with the brief, illustrations were used to help to encompass the broad target market along with a vibrant colour palette resulting in a product fit for a global market. Simplicity of communication delivery was key to the success of this project, as was a refined structural layout and dynamic colour treatment. The series of products needed to fit together making one bold statement of brand, however also needed to stand alone with easy identification for consumers at point of purchase.