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KiwiPro Infant Formula

GreenZoo is a company that prides itself on design lead nutrition. Over the last 6 years it has been exporting premium baby formula in the Chinese and Asian market.

When approached about designing this formula can it was important that the design conveyed a brand personality unique to its competitors. One that would resonated with its predominant Asian demographic and had a New Zealand narrative running through its branded story
With most of its competitors choosing to use images of teddy bears and babies, it was decided to take a different approach. With the asian comic book culture alive and thriving it made sense that an illustration looking into the pristine New Zealand environment accompanied with cute characters would provide an optimum point of difference yet be able to resonate with its consumers. It would also provided additional brand assets for future product innovation and marketing.

The ‘premium’ qualities of this product were also critical for its visual communication and success so a range of carefully selected metallic were added. All pre-production was project managed for off shore printing.