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After the devastating earth earthquakes of 2011 Merivale Fresh Choice was witnessed a 9% drop in its revenue over two years. On top of this, a new store refit and mall redevelopment was scheduled for the next two years, begging the question – would the customers stay loyal through another challenging time?

Something needed to be done. Something compelling and attractive, that could work under the umbrella of the big corporate brand but able to reflect the shared values of its owners and employees?

The result, the Merivale Grocer – an in-store personality that reflected everything that makes the store great !

The visual enhancement started with a new sub-brand, individually branded boutique deli, butchery and bakery goods plus a uniform that connected with its community.

As a result 4 out of 5 customers commented on how great the changes were and there was a renewed sense of energy & vitality throughout the entire store.