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Helping businesses take flight

One of Christchurch’s leading accounting firms decided to create a neutral platform to deliver free knowledge based seminars, to SME’s with the intension on helping them gain success with their business enterprise. It would be offered to anyone who was interested.

Getting your business off the ground and taking flight was key to it success so Runway for Business was launched. An identity was developed, along with a body of marketing devises. By embracing this concept the brand took on a unique creative that stood out from all other business correspondence resulting in a successful launch and future. A dynamic logo devise was developed that expressed the concept of ‘taking off’ and explored the energy and activity of getting a business ‘off the ground’. Imagery and effective headline treatment was the primary communication device in the supporting advertising and various media elements. This was a concept that would expand the idea of what services accounting firms can offer, while fitting within their current brand context.