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kiwi ingenuity resides in the ‘land of the long flat white’

There’s a famous saying ‘if you don’t like something then fix it’. In the case of our client, there was nothing in the market to fix so they went out and invented one – a small benchtop coffee roaster. It could 5 years of research, development and compliance but as of Jan 2019 coffee connoisseurs can now roast their own speciality blends at the touch of a button.

Due to the ease of functionality and price, demand was strong. This is when Paperbox was tasked at designing an elegant box that was durable, cost effective and able to provide adequate protection around the roaster to avoid damage when being shipped around the globe.

The design process involved a number of prototype boxes that experimented with different forms and functionality. Critical to the client, for quality assurances was the production of the packaging needed to remain in the South Island. This provided additional limitations to the form and construction of the packaging due to restricted sheet sizes used in the litho laminate print technique that was adopted.

A small owners manual with detailed illustrations was also created to help instruct the consumer on how to use the digital interface, create new blends and maintain the machine.